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  • Do you ship during holidays?
    I can ship before and after postal holidays. Basically, if the post office is open and running, I can get your order in their hands. Note: I'm located in Australia and certain holidays may cause some delays within the usual shipping window of 1-3 business days.I will endeavor to ship your order as soon as the post office opens.
  • When will I receive my tracking number?
    You should receive your tracking code when you receive your Tracking Note email or when you receive your Order Completed email. If you didn't receive a tracking number in either notification, and you've already checked your Spam folder, send me a message or email. Note: International customers will find that their tracking numbers are most reliable while your package is in Australia. Once it leaves the country, your tracking numbers may appear to stop working or cease updating. Don't worry, it's still on its way to you, the tracking numbers do not always work reliably outside of Australia.
  • I think an item is missing from my order?
    First thing to try is to check all the areas in the package to ensure everything is where it should be. Sometimes I secure my items in a layer of bubble wrap to protect them in transit. Sometimes, especially with international packages, the items may have been opened by customs and placed back into the packaging in a messy way. This might make some of them a little harder to find. If you're missing an item from your order, don't hesitate to contact me and just let me know what you're missing from your order and I'll have a replacement sent out as soon as possible.
  • My items arrived damaged. What can I do?
    Take a photo of the damage to send to me and let me know that your items arrived damaged. You can send me a message or email. Then let me know which item was damaged upon arrival and I'll send out a replacement if I have the item in stock. If it's out of stock, I will send a replacement as soon as I get more stock in. If the item was recently discontinued and you purchased the last one, I can offer a refund or you can pick a pin of equal value from my shop.
  • Are the colors in your photos accurate?
    While I do try to make my product photos as accurate as possible, there is some variation in the photos in terms of colors of the actual pins. The photos are shot in daylight or using photography lights then color-corrected. Photos you see online on your computer may also appear different than colors in real life due to screen calibration differences so some unavoidable color variations may occur from what you see in the photographs.
  • What if I didn't receive my order?
    After verifying that your parcel has not been picked up already by a family member or roommate or it has not been accidentally delivered to a neighbor, please get in touch with me. After waiting a couple of days, I will likely send out a replacement parcel for you. International customers will be asked to wait an additional 1-3 weeks for your parcel to arrive. The vast majority of the time, international parcels that have not yet arrived are being held by customs for inspection or are just running a bit late and are in the custody of your country's postal service.
  • My pins arrived but the posts are bent. What can I do?
    Enamel pins are generally pretty sturdy, but they do go through a lot during their journey to you. If your pins have bent or crooked posts, you can use a pair of pliers to gently and slowly bend them back and straighten them. Generally, bent pin posts can be fixed and straightened easily and do not qualify for a replacement. Sometimes the posts on your pins may have suffered more damage than that. Rarely, a post may have fallen off a pin. If the post has fallen off your pin, take a photo of the damage and send it to me and I will try to send out a replacement.
  • How do you ship orders?
    Your order will ship through a service local to me which is called Australia Post. I ship using this service with tracking for all orders as a standard option. If you need additional shipping options such as priority, signature, etc. please get in touch with me and I will work something out to get your package to you.".
  • How do I use the tracking number for my order?
    Tracking numbers and tracking updates are handled by Australia Post. When I process an order, you may receive a tracking number that will not work until it is entered in the post office system. This may take a couple of hours or up to a day. If your tracking number cannot be found, give it a day or two and it should work.
  • Do you offer upgraded shipping?
    There is an Express shipping option for Australian customers that will get your order to you a little faster. Note that upgraded or guaranteed shipping will cost more than the standard option. Upgraded shipping is not available for international customers due to the high cost except via special request.
  • How do you pack your orders?
    I pack all orders personally, with care and by hand. Depending upon your order, I will package your items in different ways to ensure that it reaches you safe and sound.
  • What countries do you currently ship to?
    I ship worldwide!
  • I entered in the wrong address. Can I change it?
    I can fix wrong addresses so long as the order is still in my possession. Once it leaves my hands, I can't fix addresses or make any adjustments. In this case, we will have to wait until it returns to me. Please remember to double-check your address when putting together an order. When the package returns to me, I will resend it to your correct address. If you haven't received a tracking code yet for your order, you can still send me a message.
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