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This is a hard enamel pin from my Nocturnal Creatures kickstarter campaign.

This series was created after taking a lot of inspiration from overcoming my insomnia. I had suffered from this quite badly due to anxiety, but during my bad nights, I would often find comfort knowing that I’m not alone.

There are many creatures awake late at night and I wanted to represent this feeling of comfort, warmth, and hopefulness through a lantern, which each creature carries.

This lantern is a separate, gold-plated enamel pin which can be attached by the loop from the bottom of each pin. These pins are made entirely from metal which not only means that they're long lasting, but they also have a polished finish and look great in reflective light.


They can be used to decorate things such as denim jackets, shirt collars, bags, banners, lanyards, pencil cases, or simply just put on display on a shelf. This listing is for 1 pin. This pin is approximately 1.75 inches high and gold plated with a card backing.

Snake Enamel Pin with Hanging Lantern Charm Nocturnal Creatures

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